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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Fake President – Part VII

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

T-Rump has been sitting in the oval office for seventy-two days.
He has been occupying it, that is, when he is not playing golf at one of his country clubs, or flying around the country giving speeches, empty, free from policy, full of lies.
There was a ray of hope this week, a glimmer of hope breaking into the American disaster, it does not come from the many serious investigations that are ongoing, developing, growing in scope. It would be great to have hope in those investigations, but one of them, the investigation run by the House Intelligence Committee has come completely undone, its chairman Congressman Devin Nunez, has proven through his words and actions that he is a shill for T-Rump. His committee is no longer even holding hearings. It ended the week by blocking witnesses from testifying in open session.
The Senate investigation, and the FBI investigations seem to be moving forward in a responsible manner, but, it does not matter what they uncover, even if the uncover hard evidence of real crimes. It does not matter if the House of Representatives does not have the political will to file charges of impeachment, and refer those charges to the Senate for a trial.
There is no way to remove T-Rump from the White House, and put an end to the fake presidency without those steps being taken.
T-Rump is breaking the law every day, regardless of what you think about the way in which he was elected, whether crimes were committed by the T-Rump campaign, or by T-Rump himself, crimes that should disqualify him, regardless of what you think about that, or what the ongoing investigations reveal, T-Rump has been in violation of the constitution from the moment he took office, he has been in violation of the emoluments clause, he is taking money, he is enriching himself by taking money from foreign banks, foreign governments, royalty, and alien powers.
He is in violation of other federal statutes, such as the anti-nepotism clause, employing members of his family to work in the government, and none of them are divesting themselves of their assets.
The T-Rump presidency is not just fake, it is a criminal enterprise, established through a criminal conspiracy.
This week a small ray of hope emerged. T-Rump threatened to “go-after” a group of republicans who did not support his failed effort to get a health care bill passed into law. T-Rump threatened to campaign against them in retaliation, through his proxies at Fox News he threatened to go after the Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House.
His political ham handedness is causing fissures to open up between the fake president, and the rest of the phonies in the Republican Party, and therein lies the hope. He needs them, if those house republicans begin to turn on, the way he has turned on them, that could prove to be the end of his agenda. Those investigations could take on a different aspect, and articles of impeachment might be considered.
A house divided against itself cannot stand.
We have to keep the pressure up. Those political creatures will turn on T-Rump just as soon as they perceive it to be in their political interests.
That much is certain.

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