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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Fake President – Part VIII

Editorial, The Week in Review – Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

There were missile strikes and bombings this week, in Syria, and Afghanistan.
T-Rump, was at his golf course eating Chocolate Cake. Afterward he gave an interview, he had more to say about the cake at his club than he did about the fifty-nine cruise missiles that fell on the Syrian airfield, and that did nothing to deter operations there.
T-Rump holds stock in the company who makes the missiles. The day after he launched them the stock in that company soared.
T-Rump swore he would not telegraph operations to the enemy, but he called the Russians, who called the Syrians in the hours before the strike, giving them all time to move equipment, to get people out of the way, and he did not even target the airstrip itself.
The operation was an expensive canard, but even his political opponents cheered him on.
T-Rump said in the interview he gave that he had dropped the bombs on Iraq. He was corrected, but it begs the question, did he really even know?
We have no policy for military engagement in Syria.
We have no policy guiding our military engagement in Iraq.
We have no policy for our military engagement in Afghanistan, but we dropped a bomb there too, the biggest in our arsenal. The trump children believed that this was praiseworthy in and of itself.
Big bombs are big distractions for little boys.
T-Rump sent a carrier battle group to bolster our forces in the pacific, to warn or threaten North Korea.
This begs the question, what political ends will T-Rump try to serve there?
His former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, had to register himself as an agent of a former government this week. Money from the former pro-Russian Ukrainian President was tied to him, transactions which he had previously denied.

Armed conflict will follow every incrimination the T-Rump faces in the coming investigations. He is a man without conscience, without principle, or compunction. 

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