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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Mitch McConnell

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The Senate Majority Leader is a guy named Mitch McConnell. He is from Kentucky. He has been the leader of the Republicans in the senate, as the minority leader from 2007, and as the majority leader since 2015. His career in the senate began in 1984, and he is his State’s longest serving Senator.
I think he hates the institution.
His wife Elaine Chou has served is currently serving as Secretary of Transportation in the fake president’s administration. She served as Secretary of Labor for George W. Bush.
I think he hates the Senate, and all of the institutions of good government, as do the rest of his republican croonies on the hill, because he has once again moved to undermine them and make them less relevant.
His tenure as the Republican leader has been a total disaster for the institution he serves in, and now he has taken the Supreme Court of the United States with him.
This is a man who cannot see what is good for the country, beyond what is good for his ideological agenda, and his ideology is simple. It is not liberal or conservative, it is partisan, and its aim has one purpose; the concentration of power.
Mitch McConnell does not love his country, and neither do the rest of the Republican shills who he convinced to vote to eliminate the filibuster, and forever wipe away the power of the minority to influence the legislative process.
A precious few of colleagues have criticized him for this, lamented it in public, Like Senator John McCain of Arizona, but that old fool voted for with his party anyway.
I am glad he never became president.
On the evening of Barrack Obama’s first inauguration. Mitch McConnell met with his Republican team, and stated that the primary goal of their party was to limit President Obama to one term.
The country was in a deep, economic crises. The “Great Recession” was in full effect, and they were not focused on legislating to fix our problems, they were concentrating on obstruction.
 As the Minority Leader McConnell used the power of the filibuster to block, or slow down every major piece of legislation put forward by the Democrats. He used it to block or slow down every appointment that required Senate confirmation. He did it for years until finally the Democrats used their Majority power to modify the rules on some appointments. Mitch McConnell condemned them for this, and then…in 2015 the republicans took control and he became the Majority Leader. He continued his pogrom of obstruction, refusing to allow any legislation to come forward that would be politically beneficial to the Democratic Party, regardless of whether the country would benefit from it, or the people in his home state.
He was determined that the Democrats have no victories.
Fourteen months ago Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died. President Obama nominated a man that most court watchers agreed, was a down the middle centrist. Mitch McConnell refused to allow that nominee to even have a hearing. He used his power as the Majority Leader t launch an two pronged attack on both executive power and the structure of the Supreme Court, and he won.
Then T-Rump took office. He nominated a man who many people believe is a judicial ideologue, a man who pretends to be some kind of a constitutional originalist, or textualist or some such lie, but who also believe that corporations are people and have a right to influence our elections with unlimited anonymous dollars.
Democratic senators, in minority, promised to filibuster the nomination, demanding a more centrist nominee. Mitch McConnell and his Republican ilk, eliminated the filibuster rule, and made the senate into a place where the majority rules, and rules absolutely. This is completely contrary to the intentions of the framers of the constitution.
McConnell did this gleefully, literally expressing glee that he had taken these steps. “A great day,” he called it. As the Senate voted to confirm a man to the Supreme Court who plagiarized his doctoral thesis, and his books in print.
These Republicans do not care what they destroy to achieve their ends and serve their masters, they are barbarians, they are the Hun. They will burn the whole thing down, stand in the ashes and call it victory.
That is what passes for leadership in the Senate today.
I am glad the Democrats forced the issue. They are dealing with people who will not compromise. There was some suggestion that they should wait to pick their battle at another time, as if the Republicans would ever become more reasonable.
I think it is more important to pull the mask off and reveal them all for the frauds they are, fake leaders, managing phony institutions, for a fake president.

God bless America.

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