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Saturday, May 6, 2017

The House of Representatives

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There is not a greater hive of scum and villainy in all the galaxy.
I am tempted to leave my commentary there.
The members of the United States Congress are the elected representatives of the American people, the wealthiest nation on earth, and they just passed a bill that will pull health insurance away from tens of millions of Americans.
They zealously went about the task of pulling apart the Affordable Care Act signed by President Obama, and would put in its place the American Health Care Act, at the insistence of T-Rump, and to fulfill what they say are their promises to their constituents.
Now they are saying that they just wanted to give the White House a win.  They needed to show they were not so incompetent that they could not pass a bill through the house.
What they have done, is a moral outrage.
People will lose their coverage, or if covered lose benefits, it will most hurt the poor and the elderly, or anyone with a preexisting condition.
People will die, lose their saving, lose their houses, go into bankruptcy, because of the benefits they have stripped from the average American.
They passed the bill with one vote to spare, all republicans. They needed 216, they got 217. None of the members even read, and the cost to the American people had not been scored.
There is a group of people who will benefit from its passage. The rich will get richer, hundreds of billions of dollars in tax breaks will accrue to the wealthiest one percent of Americans if it passes.
The republicans in the house, smoked cigars, made victory speeches, and held a party on the lawn of the White House. Then they immediately started making excuses, telling their constituents that they believe the Senate will fix it.
It is a bait and switch, a scam.
The House of Representatives, there is not a greater hive of scum and villainy in all the galaxy, worse than the Mos Eisley, but this is not a puppet show.

Or is it? 

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