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Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Greatest of All Time

Mohammed Ali left the world
            One year ago
The greatest of all time is gone

Mohammed Ali held the world
In his hands
The greatest of all time, lives on

I heard the news of his passing 
I woke in the middle of the night
I heard the news of his passing
I listened to the stories and cried

Ali, the greatest of all one has died

Of all the heroes I ever fell for
He was the one that was truly alive
The only one I ever prayed for
The only one I thought
Could make a difference in our time.

Mohammed Ali spoke to the heart
            Of everyone

About justice, freedom, he told the truth
Showed us love.

He spoke to the world, as he fought
            For everyone

In rhythms that dazzled, words that hurt
            He floated
                        He stung

Like the butterfly, and the bee
            Symbols of his fame

He struck the powers of the world

He was a prophet in our time
He praised, and he scolded
He was sharp tongued in his youth
A silent witness as he aged

I remember the day in 1980
I heard the news that he lost
Mohammed Ali lost!
Ali would never fight again!

Kids on the bus they murmured
Ali was not the greatest of all
The world stopped making sense.

Mohammed Ali gave my generation
We could be ourselves, be bold, and brag
            Be good, do right

Mohammed Ali taught us to question

Challenge authority, shun war

Risk the things you desire most

Give up titles, and money, and fame

Let them go for things that matter most

Ali taught us to serve the truth, seek justice
Do good
As long as you draw breath, the greatest
            Of all time

Mohammed Ali handcuffed lightning
He jailed thunder

His star rose like the sun
It has set
and will never be forgotten


Given First (as an essay) - 2016.06.04

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