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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Pain and Toil (Haiku Series)

My world is in pain
There is war, both visible
And invisible

Murder and torture
Ubiquitous indifference
Killing for profits

Sheep to the slaughter
Machinations of power
There is no honor in it

Let the people go
The many, dying for bread
Thirst for clean water

They are innocent
Toiling for their families
Victims killed by greed

Ground away by war
For bananas and coffee
Their tears soak the fields

The people suffer
We are washed in blood, and shame
We greedy humans

We cannot escape
We are walking appetites
Persisting in crimes

Dreams manifesting
Destinies and cruelties
Purchased on credit
Our progeny, hungry ghosts
Wailing at the moon

Tragedies and coin
Guarantees of ignorance
The collected host

Feed the soil with bile
Water it with suffering

The future, condemned

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