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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Causation and Mindfulness

We live in a causal reality, every one of our actions, all of our words, each of our deeds, our breathing itself, with every exhalation and inhalation, manifests consequences that flow away from us, giving shape and structure and form to reality itself.

This is the root of causation, we are co-creators of the universe we live in, animating it with our spirit.

Every person has the power and the freedom to determine their own course throughout their time on Earth, their sojourn through the world.

We are not like Odysseus, drawing cards that shape our fate. We do not determine the conditions we are born into, but we do determine whether or not we will be active or passive agents within it.

We make choices, even when we choose not to choose, and those choices matter.

The decisions we make reverberate all around us, like the repercussion of a drum, the cymbals and chords we beat and strike, tap and brush, stroke, pluck and strum a million times a day, they resound in the deep, even in the deepest place where Leviathan swims.

If our intentions are good, what flows from them will be evident in the consequences they generate.

If our intentions are bad, the same is true.

We can know the tree, by the fruit it bears; justice and injustice will produce the same, over time they are revealed for what they are.

Even if we ourselves are deluded and do not understand our own intentions, or the myriad of factors that motivate us; the measure of our intentions, the scope of our motivations, whether they be good or ill, these can be discovered in the echo they produce, like the peeling bell that rings through the night.

Typhon was the beast of Chaos, but look deep within its swirling movements, there is nothing random, or accidental, and there is nothing done by chance. Even the deepest dark reveals patterns made from the fractal impressions of the choices we make.

We are responsible to ourselves for the things we say and do, and because we are co-creators of the reality we share, we are responsible to everyone else as well.

There are six billion human beings living on planet earth, six billion strong and growing. Each and every individual blows their own trumpet, beats their own drum, pounding out a rhythm that they have freely chosen.

Through mindfulness, we strike the notes in time with one another other; in that mindful state a rhythm will ensue, and harmonies, in the movements of that music a symphony will rise

Humanity is an orchestra, potentia.

If not, then we are just making noise, living in the midst of a cacaphonic din, isolated minstrels drumming the dirge of our demise.

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