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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Divided Heart

There is a shadow on my heart
I turn from the light, set behind me, out of sight
And stalk my shadow

The sun is a candle brightly burning
Like the truth, I turned my back on it, lamenting
The loss of my desire

Dark as the ocean on a clouded night
The starless sky, the waves retreat, crashing passions
Drowning in the tide

Listen for the music of revelation
Find the echo of uncertainty, doubt becomes a new creation
New fruit on the old vine

There is division in my heart, sorrow
The loss of self, trying on new lovers like old clothes
Set them aside in rejection

The entire sum of human misery
Is nothing in the light, while I lie down in stagnant pools
In the shadow of desire

My heart is as broken as my mind
There is a hammer tearing at my foundations, I am no-where
Drifting and alone

My days are filled with sadness, I cling to it
Bobbing in the water, treading blindly, seized in the current
Going down and under 

But the waves themselves are made of light
Light I cannot see, light that is washing me, light beyond the veil  

Carry me toward completion

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