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Friday, January 5, 2018

Emergence 3.0, Prolog: Part Five – Meaning

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – One Page Per Day
Day 005, Friday
January 5th, 2018

Prolog: Part Five – Meaning

As a culture matures, the meanings it ascribes to its individual experience evolves.

Cultures binds each individual to the group, through the repetition of rituals, the sharing of stories, the contextualization of narratives, and continuous reflection.

Individual and group reflections, in order for them to adhere to the cultural movement, they must be present in narratives that are universally agreed upon.

The verbal component of these reflections is the most difficult to manage, because all language is subject to interpretation, and it is impossible to formulate an experience among diverse groups of people that is absolutely uniform. There will always be a divergent understanding between individuals in a group, and even greater divergence among disparate groups.

Music, rhythm, the beat of a drum; odor, incense, unguents, perfumes; taste, herbs, wine, water; patterns of touch, and the articulation of gestures that form the foundation of physical memory; visualizations, pageantry, art, color; these sensory mechanisms create the ground within which the religious and cultural bonds must be planted.

They are the anchors of the universal experience, and they will normalize the verbal with the abstract.

Any reflection on the current state of an individual or a group’s existence must be anchored in the past.

The antecedents of the present life must be clear, and easily grasped.

We are where we are because of where we have been.

This becomes a mirror for reflections given about the future.

You must observe these transitions, and carefully, imperceptibly influence the narratives.

Only the Observer will recall the actual past, having lived in it, every other person will understand it in terms of the narratives that are constructed through the cultus.

A culture must experience themselves in a state of movement and growth, they must always feel the sense that they are moving from being passive creatures, to being active co-creators in the meaning of their lives, the shape of their future.

This sense will be given to them through their mythologies, the stories they tell themselves will depict them as the shapers of their own destinies, moving toward a grand future wherein ultimately they become obedient subjects of the Galactic Empire, or as subjects of the Empire, where they advance in caste and class until they finally merge with the Continuum.

~ The Field Manual, Observer Corps

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