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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Emergence 3.0, Prolog: Part Four – Reality

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – One Page Per Day
Day 004, Thursday
January 4th, 2018

Prolog: Part Four – Reality

There is one reality.

Every being, every-thing, every person, participates in it.

The entirety of time is one thing; just as the eternal, and the infinite are one.

There is one story; one Word, one Verse, the universe is one thing.

Every moment, no matter how small, is connected to every other moment, no matter how distant. This is the true state of what actually is.

The Observer must bear this truth in mind, and hold it in their heart at all times. It is necessary to preserve the mission of the Observer in moments of catastrophe and disaster, in those times when the embodied Observer feels fear or anger, desire or rage, when the Observer feels the biological imperative to intervene in the fate of the planet they are connected to.

A planet may go extinct, its star might explode, the Empire might select a world for termination, the Continuum might allocate all of its resources to itself, for the use of the Collective. In these cases the observer must not despair, for they have preserved its story within the collective, and beyond that, it always remains true, that the reality of what was remains the reality of what is.

Most of the colonies founded by the Ancient Race will be brought into the Empire.

Some will face setbacks in which their people are brought to the brink of extinction, and their civilization erased.

Others will be annihilated completely.

The desires of the Collective and the will of the Continuum shall determine these eventualities, and it is the duty of the Observer to facilitate those ends.

It is in those critical moments, when crises is immanent, when doom is impending, that the people of a living world reveal themselves for who they truly are. It is in those moments that the work of the Observer must be carried out with the greatest care and precision, and those stories brought to the Continuum.

The Observer must have built and maintained the machinery of Observation in order to transmit the entirety of the experience to the Central Planet, the home of the Collective, to the heart of Continuum, instantaneously, and with minimal loss of fidelity.

This is the mission of the Observer, no matter what world they are living on.

Every moment is connected to every other moment, and the tiniest movement affects the configuration of the whole.

Every detail matters.

~ The Field Manual, Observer Corps

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