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Sunday, January 7, 2018

Emergence 3.0, Prolog: Part Seven – Character

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – One Page Per Day
Day 007, Sunday
January 7th, 2018

Prolog: Part Seven – Character

The Observer can never be the leader of a tribe, the leader of a nation, or a world, no matter how great the temptation might be.

The Observer must put down the temptations to hold power that arise naturally within them. They must face down the temptations arising in the communities they live in, the temptations to place themselves in positions of power and authority.

The observer will possess a preternatural strength, immunity to disease, rapid healing, alacrity, dexterity, and speed.

They will possess their natural intelligence, and their vast knowledge of the universe, science, and the history of the planet they dwell on.

The Observer must use these qualities and abilities only in an advisory capacity, seated close to the center of power, but not occupying it.

The Observer may be the king maker, but never the king.

The Observer may not procreate. For this reason the body of the Observer, will be sterile.

The Observer must not tamper with the genetic development of the populations they are observing. Such a manipulation could lead to consequences that are undesired by the Continuum, and dangerous to the Collective.

All embodied creatures feel within themselves a desire to procreate, the observer must practice detachment at all times in order to overcome the innate inclinations of their physicality.

It is permissible to take pleasure in the flesh, to perform the act of procreation, as often as the observer would like, in the normative mode of the culture they are dwelling in. Nevertheless, the desire to progenerate must be resisted.   

The Observer’s duty is to listen, to watch, to move with the culture, to be one with them, but not to invest in any particular outcome.

The Observer must not use their powers to forestall famine, plague, war, or any other disaster, whether it is naturally occurring, or caused by the machinations of the populations. Allow the culture under observation to grow and mature, to blossom and die, without ever pursuing any particular aim.

The Observer must observe, that is the mission. To maintain the apparatus of the machinery that monitors the planet, and all of its cultures. To direct and focus the attention of those tools on the people and places that are of the greatest interest to the Continuum. And to report on their immediate experience.

~ The Field Manual, Observer Corps

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