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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Emergence 3.0, Prolog: Part Two – Mission

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – One Page Per Day
Day 002, Tuesday
January 2nd, 2018

Prolog: Part Two – Mission

Your role is to witness; to touch, to listen, to taste.

You must experience their art; their music, their speech, their culture.

You are to participate and observe, to synthesize and contextualize the peek experiences for the Continuum.

You must empathize with your subjects; feel their feelings. At the same time, you must not sympathize with the people you are observing; you cannot identify with your subjects.

They are not of the Collective; they are not Continuum.

Their lives, their narratives, they only have meaning insofar as they are received by the Continuum and given to the Collective. If they are not captured by you they are lost to all time.

The Observer is the vehicle by which the world under observation is saved, preserved for all time in the body of Continuum, in the membership of the Collective.

A significant part of the Observer’s mission is to maintain the machinery by which the entire world is watched, and recorded. The other part of the mission is to situate yourself in the most critical places, where the greatest cultural movements are taking place.

You are to build relationships with prime actors, learn their motivations, discover their passions, uncover their fears.

You most parse the most lofty ideals, as well as the most disturbing desires. Through these observations we discover the evolving nature of the progeny of the Ancients, we chart the future history of the galaxy.

The observer must always be on the watch for the technological shifts that might indicate that a world within the Empire has discovered the scientific means to form their own Collective Consciousness.

The Continuum must remain unique, a singular consciousness at the center of the galaxy, guiding it through time and space.

The mission is to watch, observe, and protect the central planet from any threat; technological, scientific, militaristic, philosophical, or religious.

The harmony of the whole must be kept intact. From the heart of Continuum, to the most remote outpost in the Empire.    

~ The Field Manual, Observer Corps

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