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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part One, A Private Sorrow; Chapter Three, Lies

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – One Page Per Day
Day 010, Wednesday
January 10th, 2018

Chapter Three: Lies

Kathy looked at Jim for a long time, observing him.

This was not abnormal in itself. They often spent long periods of time together in silence.

She could not read his thoughts, but she was adept at reading his body language, the smallest movements of his features, facial ticks, eyes movements and breathing.

She watched him as he sat at their table with the newspaper folded in his hands. She watched intently, until finally she asked him, “Jim…what is wrong?”

“I cannot say.” He said, as he looked past her, not meeting her gaze, but at the same time, welcoming a greater degree of scrutiny from her.

“Why not?” Kathy asked, a little bit more insistently.

She was normally much more circumspect, but in this moment she did not care if she pushed boundaries that she would have otherwise respected,

“You would not understand, if I did…I’m not talking about it.” he replied, even as he locked eyes with her and paused.

There was a tone of finality in his voice, as if to say that is it, you will not get anymore from me, but I want you to remain curious.

“I do not get it.” She responded. “Why did you ask to see me today, and in such a dismal mood, if you did not need something from me?”

Kathy wanted very much to be needed by Jim.

Of all the people she had ever known, everyone who had exploited her for one purpose or another, Jim was the only one she had spent time with that simply wanted to be in her company.

“As I said…you would not understand, even if I told you. I am in the middle of something intensely personal, regarding a project I have been working on for a very long time. We have never spoken of it, but the anticipation of its realization is more than I counted on.”

“That is all I can say about it, at the moment.” He said.
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