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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part Two, Departure; Chapter Three, Doom

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – One Page Per Day
Day 017, Wednesday
January 17th, 2018

Chapter Three: Doom

What was about to occur would be a global catastrophe, affecting everything on earth, changing humanity irrevocably, killing hundreds of thousands in minutes, millions in days, and most of the rest in the few short years to come.

Very few human beings were even aware of the danger. Human scientists had only discovered the existence of the volcano a few decades past. It took years for them to measure and quantify the data, even at the end of that process they were left in a place of uncertainty.

There was no way to reasonably predict an event they had never experienced before, the certainty of which was absolute, but the frequency of its repetition occurred on a scale of time so great that the leading geologists had to admit that they could not pin point the eventuality within years, or decades. For all they knew it could be centuries or millennia before it erupted again.

No one disputed the fact that the event was overdue; it was overdue by several thousand years. But then again what is a thousand years, or even ten thousand years when the periodicity approached a million years.

It was impossible to tell.

They watched over the sight as carefully as they could. They measured every possible feature of the hazard zone. They released reports.

Some reports were so alarming that the Federal Government decided to restrict the way that information was disseminated.

They adopted the view that it would be better, if when the event occurred it took everyone by surprise, because there was nothing they could do about it anyway.

With their careful observations, their watchful analysis, no one expected it to come now.

The data, which every geologist believed indicated an immanent eruption, had led to numerous false conclusions in the past.

At the present moment, there was nothing at all happening, to tell them of the mounting danger.    

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