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Friday, January 19, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part Two, Departure; Chapter Five, Cycles II

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – One Page Per Day
Day 019, Friday
January 19th, 2017

Chapter Five: Cycles 2

Seventy-two thousand years had passed since the last caldera blew in the South Pacific, in Indonesia. Only a handful few human beings survived it, a couple of thousand people in a few hundred tribes, scattered across Eurasia and in Africa.

It had been six-hundred and forty thousand years since the Yellowstone caldera last erupted, in North America, nearly wiping out all life on Earth.

The coming event would be greater still.

The human race would survive, even without the kind of intervention that Jim could have given them, if the Continuum had allowed it. However, human civilization would collapse. The species would pass through a genetic bottle neck, and what would emerge on the other side would be different.

The psychic trauma would be extreme, it would wound the survivors in ways that no person could predict. The narratives that they would develop in order to contextualize all of their pain could potentially derail Jim’s work.

Fortunately for him, he was virtually certain that he had succeeded in developing the vessel that was key to his larger machinations.

Everything depended on Kathy, on the strength and range of psychic abilities, yes, but even more importantly, her fortitude. She had to possess the stamina to stand in the space between worlds and pass the collective trauma of earth on to the Central Planet.

This was not something he had been given the time to test.

His patience was exhausted.

He wanted a resolution to the ambitions that had been driving him. Even if it meant failure. Even failure would resolve him, by prompting the Collective to abandon him, and allow the Continuum to finally terminate him.

What he desired more than anything was success, and then at long last to die in an organic body, a natural death, un-enmeshed from the constraints that the Continuum had tethered to all members of the Collective, even to those Observers serving in the far reaches of the galaxy.

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