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Saturday, January 13, 2018


Patience is a virtue, a strength…you have heard it said.

Indeed it is, and while virtue connotes a masculine strength, from the Latin: vir, meaning: man, women are the paramount exemplars of this trait.

Of all the qualities that a human may possess, of all the ways in which a person may engage the world, the way of patience is the most beneficial, blessing both the individual and the whole, by the ability to wait, to watch, to see things develop.

Women throughout the world are patiently waiting: waiting for justice, for recognition, for equal treatment under the law, and while they wait they spend their energy holding up the structure of society, by being as exemplars of civility to us all.

Patience is emblematic of self-control, courage, and respect.

Pray for calm, daily.
Be patient, always.
Seek understanding…this is the way of the wise.

Patience is not indifference, the patient disposition is one of expectation.

When we are patient, we are patient for something; the patient one it is not disinterested. They are engaged beneath the surface, viewing time on a scale that extends beyond the immediacy of the moment, seeing resolution in the movement of each part, like following a wave in its progress to the shore.

Where there is patience, there is hope.

A patient disposition, when manifest, yields to the individual the opportunity to find the meaning in the life they experience, to understand it, know themselves and to comprehend our relationships to each other.

Discernment requires patience.

As the unexamined life is not worth living (or so the one man said), the greatest value in living comes to the patient examiner, to she who is slow and steady, methodical and caring.

The patient-one is un-perturbed, or if upset, returns to the place of clarity, like water seeking its level.

The patient archer strikes the target.
The patient doer achieves her goal.

Patience engenders accuracy and surety, communicates confidence, enables trust.

Patience is like a spring of clear water, in that it blesses everything and harms nothing.

Patience heals, wash yourself in it.
Your patience will sustain you, like mana in the wilderness.

Where patience is absent, a storm is advancing, where present it is a cooling breeze, divine and tranquil.

Patience is the way of salvation.

Patience is the love a mother has for her child; kind and enduring.

Develop patience, like a reflex, make it first, not second nature.

Practice patience, and be led by it.

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