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Friday, February 9, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section One, Jim and Kathy; Part Five, Endings; Chapter Five, Finding

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 040, Friday
February 9th, 2018

Chapter Five: Finding

It took Kathy some time, and there was some detective work to do. She went to the work with calm determination.

The fact that Jim’s identity appeared to be completely fictitious concerned her.

There was a moment when she feared that he was just another plant, one of the handlers sent to interact with her from the National Security structure.

The thought gave her nightmares, feelings of doubt, inadequacy, foolishness. She was able to set them aside, because the more she thought about it, the less likely it seemed. She would have known, she would have picked up on it, if not from Jim, she would have picked up on it from one of the other agents who she had occasion to interact with, or from one of the many who followed her every move.

She considered bringing them into the conversation, asking them to help her understand who this ghost of a person was.

She rejected that idea, because it might complicate her ability to look into his affairs. They might just swoop in and seize everything related to Jim, and never give her a chance to discover anything for herself.

Given her abilities, Kathy was typically able to glean any information she wanted from the people around her, but Jim was a phantom. He was as much of an enigma in death as he had been in life.

Nobody knew anything about him.

It took days to even locate where he lived, and then it took a judge to grant her access, and that was limited to a very narrow window of time.

Finally, when she was in that building, Kathy began to encounter people who Jim had interacted with. Though even to them he was a mystery; a quiet, impersonal, private man. Very few of them had even spoke with him.

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