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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Observation - February 3rd, 2018, Saturday


It is dark in the room
The lamp by my desk has gone out
I am writing, typing
In the glow of the computer screen
Backlit by another lamp
On the end-table by the couch
Behind me, the talk from the TV
Contains shades of treason
The orange-man has pulled
The curtain from its rungs
He meant to cover his naked ambitions
He revealed the fragile
Crumbling facade of America
Plutocracy, we are governed by Hades
Lord of the underworld
And his host of kleptocrats
Thieves like orange-rats
Scurrying for crumbs
My cat sits on her blue chair
She is bored of her string
I can hear her breathing, soft purring
She would make short work of them
The neighbor’s door opens
Across the hall
Someone exists
A car starts in the cold, outside
A plane flies overhead
To the airport, landing
The city is full of revelers

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl

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