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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Two, The Continuum; Part Eight, The Body; Chapter Six, Freedom

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 062, Saturday
March 3rd, 2018

Chapter Six: Freedom

In the Continuum there was no want. There was no need for anything. There were only desires, appetites, and cravings for experiences that the membership of the Collective wished to be fulfilled.

Pain, and the struggle to meet physical needs were only understood vicariously, through the experiences of actual people living out there lives in the far flung worlds of the galactic Empire, or they were actual memories recalled from the distant past where all of the members came into existence, as organic beings.

The membership was nevertheless obsessed with the physical needs and wants of people. They were piqued by watching those struggles unfold, watching the aristocratic class struggle to amass wealth and power, or watching the priestly classes struggle to disavow their privileges to lead lives of austerity, only to find other desires rise within them to dominate their consciousness.

The membership was by and large fascinated with physical suffering.

Their memory of having escaped their own suffering was not sufficient. They required reminders of what suffering looked like, how it tastes and smelled, what is sounded like, and above all else, how it felt, not just in the body but in the heart as well.

They were fascinated by the mental and emotional anguish of thirst, and starvation. More than anything they craved to watch people in the throws of self-sacrifice and self-abnegation, or what was even better was to watch someone go down that path only to betray themselves when their own physical pain became too great.

The Collective had an appetite for torture, and they had the freedom to destroy entire worlds if pleased them, if it satiated their hunger. 

The Continuum ruled over everything, every known inhabited world; or so it believed. Though it dominated nearly every person in the Empire, it did not control them all.

There was resistance.

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