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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Two, The Continuum; Part Twelve, The Empire; Chapter Six, The Million Worlds

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 090, Saturday
March 31st, 2018

Chapter Six: The Million Worlds

The children of the ancient race, the first people, they evolved into many different life forms, with varying cultures, and alternate ways of being.

The Empire collected them all, gathered them into a cohesive body, bound them to one another through ritual, by dogma, with doctrine, and the promise of eternal life.

The Empire was the threshold of the Continuum, it was the gatekeeper.

In truth there was little hope that any of the citizens of the Imperium would ever make it into the Collective.

The only candidate was the High Priest of the Imperial Cult. More often than not this post was actually occupied by a member of the Observer Corps.

The Imperial religion ranked each world, and promoted the belief that a person had to be reincarnated through billions of lifetimes until they were born on the world that was at the heart of the Empire. Progress through reincarnation was slow, eternally slow, and even when the soul of a citizen arrived was finally incarnated in the heart of the Empire, they still had to progress over thousands and perhaps millions of lifetimes in order to rise through the classes and the multiple stages of the chain of being.

Even when a person made it into the priestly class they had to rise through the stations over the course of hundreds of life times, until finally their soul was ready to ascend to the highest place, and upon their death be ready for translation into the Continuum.

This was the wheel of life. This was the Dogma of the Imperial Cult

Merging with the Continuum was the ultimate aspiration. It was all a lie, but it was also a very effective means of control, and it worked to keep the population of every planet in line.

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