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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Two, The Continuum; Part Thirteen, The Revolutionary; Chapter Two, Eruption

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 093, Tuesday
April 3rd, 2018

Chapter Two: Eruption

When Jim discovered Earth, and began to Observe the people living there, he was astonished to see the state they were in.

The colonists on Earth had fallen in culture, descending from spacefarer to hunter-gatherer.

Whatever vestiges of technology they had salvaged on their arrival, were kept in use for as long as they were functional, long past the time that the mechanics were understood. When they ceased to function all together, they were either salvaged and repurposed, or turned into objects of veneration, becoming totems and idols.

This was something new, no other civilization had experienced this. The Continuum was fascinated by their devolution. Jim spent many years trying to gather their stories, and find the records of their transformation, anything that would aid him in the recreation of a narrative.

Even before this work could be done a natural disaster struck. A massive volcano in Earth’s Southern Ocean blew, in what was essentially a terminal event for most living things.

The human civilization that had been stable, was now nearly destroyed.

All the people were left with were vague memories, stories of lost glory, barely remembered in the snipits of myths they had captured. Their oral histories were all that was left to tell the tale of where they had come from, maps of their journeys passed on through stargazing.

Jim was dumfounded.

He would have tried to prevent the disaster if he could, but Earth was so remote that the kind of material support he would need to mitigate the volcano would have taken thousands of years to arrive. Just as it had taken him thousands of years to get here.

While material support was far off, he had the means to transport his consciousness back to the central planet in an instant. To give his reports and to receive direction from the Continuum.

That is what he did. The entire Collective was riveted by what was taking place on Earth, it resonated with the group consciousness, as eerie reminders of their own lost past.

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