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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Emergence 3.0; Interlude, Collected Parts; Part Two, Vulnerable

A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 156, Tuesday
June 5th, 2018

Interlude: Part Two – Vulnerable

The Continuum, while it was a singularly paranoid consciousness, had done little in regard to its self-defenses.

Continuum believed itself to be secure in its power.

In its billions of years of existence, it had never encountered another rival, or any sentient life apart from the living beings that were descended from the same ancient people who had originally formed the Collective.

There was the Collective, formed by the Ancients as the ultimate repository of its knowledge and consciousness.

There was the Continuum formed by the Collective as a means of representing the unified will of the Collective, and administering to the vast material, technological, and administrative requirements of the Central Planet and its systems.

There was the Empire, formed by the Continuum, to supply it with resources.

The Empire served the Continuum, worshipped it, prayed to the Collective, and delivered all of its wealth in metals, in energy to the Central system, to feed it. The Empire also provided the Collective with a never ending stream of dramatic narratives that served to keep the attention of the Collective focused on it, on something other than itself.

There had been another group, wild cards, the descendants of the ancient people who had launched themselves into the cosmos long before the Collective had been constructed, long before the Continuum had been imagined, and long before the first vestiges of the Empire had taken shape.

They had all been discovered, tracked down, brought into the Empire or destroyed, all except one, the small colony on the tiny blue planet, Earth.

It was remote, on the other side of the galaxy, it was technologically stunted and did not represent a threat to the Continuum at all.

The defensive systems of the HomeWorld were automated, but still required thought, and they collapsed in shock when the crises struck.

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