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Tuesday, July 24, 2018


I stood in the desert, facing the wind and sun, staring into the red fire
Its hot eye slipping below the horizon, the broken hills cast in rose and gold

Sand fills the air, it covers me, sharp-tiny particles fly like razors
Each grain, a memory that captures and cuts without conscience

The eye of the sun is a window in time a window on wonder
On beauty, casting shadows like doubt over the path in front of me

We are dust in the end, dried husks, desiccated and burning
Little embers soaring on the solar wind, the world on fire, super-nova

The sun drives us, and its absence, like the will and passion, pulling
Like sin and confusion, the desert swallows it all, without judgement

Erasure, bleached bones and broken spirits, haunt a prison without bars
Walk beneath the stars, shattered, falling in the night like errant dreams

Alone and incomplete, poor and blind, my breath is spent, bereft
Truth up-ended, logic in tatters, a ragged shawl that cannot comfort

Dance above the desert floor, cracked by the hammering sun
Swing at the end of the rope, above the dry grave, dancing with vultures

I pulled the lever and the earth did not move, the price was freedom, I refused
Preferring the savor of lies, set the temple on fire burning with the druj

The sleep of the Effretti the flames of chaos, Rakshasha drumming
Djin, descending, each with a wish in the palm of their hand

Give me something to ease my pain, a pleasant illusion, a placebo will do
Allow me a moment to slake my thirst, to satisfy my wants, a reprieve

Set my compass for the compassionate life, love is a true-stone, the fixed star
Navigate the turbulent world, by Polaris, keep me straight in the path

Walking backward, retracing foot prints in the windswept sand

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