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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Emergence: Section Five (a), Jim; Appendix Part One, Secrets, Collected Chapters

Appendix Pt. 01, Secrets; Ch. 01, Fantasy

Jim did not require the Continuum, and its vast technologies to aid him in the creation of his fantasy world. He did not need it because his world was one of simple idealism.

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Appendix Pt. 01, Secrets; Ch. 02, Planning

Jim studied, he planned. He understood that he needed to use the strengths of the Continuum against it, its technology and then its weakness, its appetites and curiosity.

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Appendix Pt. 01, Secrets; Ch. 03, Intention

He set his mind on a goal, the complete destruction of the Collective and the Continuum, desiring only to harness it's technology to liberate the children of the Ancients.

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Appendix Pt. 01, Secrets; Ch. 04, Testing

Jim tested the scope of the Continuum’s cognitive field, especially the threshold where it encountered the individual member of the Collective, it's resilience and weakness.

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Appendix Pt. 01, Secrets; Ch. 05 Proof

He found the vulnerability he was looking for, it was not one thing, but rather the dynamics that were in place for the functioning of the whole.

It was the Continuum itself.

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Appendix Pt. 01, Secrets; Ch. 06, Action

Jim began to shape plans in his mind and to test them, taking steps to divide his consciousness in ways that were forbidden by the Continuum, violating the compact. He lied.

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Appendix Pt. 01, Secrets; Ch. 07, Hidden

He practiced the art of concealment. He was an adept at it. He hid things from himself, that is how he knew he could keep his secrets from the Continuum.

The veil was thin.

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#NovelOnTwitter @jaybotten

Emergence: A Novel on Twitter
Section Five (a), Jim

Appendix Part One, Secrets

Collected Chapters
01 Fantasy
02 Planning
03 Intention
04 Testing
05 Proof
06 Action
07 Hidden


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