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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Emergence 1.0 - Section Five (A), Jim; Appendix Part Two, Society, Collected Chapters

Appendix Pt. 02, Society; Ch. 01, Guide

Jim took his time. He planted stories in the imagination of the people he lived with, preparing them generation in advance to go to certain places, to fulfil his requirements.

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Appendix Pt. 02, Society; Ch. 02, Counselor

Jim made himself indispensable to queens and emperors, weaving stories into every culture that functioned like auto-hypnosis, his charges could not help but respond to.

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Appendix Pt. 02, Society; Ch. 03, Seer

Jim constructed paradigms for myth, archetypes that he translated across the globe, into every language and every culture, through the imagery in his narrative he formed a way.

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Appendix Pt. 02, Society; Ch. 04, Sage

Jim inserted himself into every mythology. He created a role for the wise man, a man standing apart from the power that organized the social structures; the sage, the prophet.

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Appendix Pt. 02, Society; Ch. 05, Scientist

Jim experimented relentlessly. He was careful not to let his research advance the state of human technology too rapidly. He feared that would lead to his being discovered.

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Appendix Pt. 02, Society; Ch. 06, Spymaster

Jim became adept at all the tools of spy craft. He established secret societies that monitored every aspect of human government, religion and the agents of the Continuum.

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Appendix Pt. 02, Society; Ch. 07, Servant

Jim positioned himself as an administrator, a servant of governments world-wide, as a specialist, a functionary, problem solver as the indispensable man. He was good at it.

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Emergence: A Novel on Twitter
Section Five (a), Jim

Appendix Part Two, Society

01 Guide
02 Counselor
03 Seer
04 Sage
05 Scientist
06 Spymaster
07 Servant


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