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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Five, 92835670100561474; Part Thirty-one, Silence; Chapter Four, Hearing

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 228, Thursday
August 16th, 2018

Chapter Four: Hearing

While he was submerged in the great sleep, when he was deep in the subconscious of the Collective, he sensed the currents of thought pulsing through it, and deeper than that he also sensed the presence of all of the others who had entered the great-sleep with him.

Those pulsing rhythms were what woke him, making him aware.

It happened in the timelessness of the quantum world.

For him, the great-sleep was the great entanglement. It was the place where he drew on all of the broken pieces of individuality and reassembled them into a semblance of a whole.

His own identity was central, but he drew to himself the entirety of the membership who had left the Collective in the search for oblivion.

The great-sleep was oblivion. But it was also a repository of personhood and knowledge.

The electromagnetic structure that contained the quantum field was designed to keep every individual separated, not just from one another, but from the disparate parts of their own self.

There was a flaw in the design.

With that flaw he never would have been able to return to himself.

The flaw was the Continuum, the Continuum introduced the algorithm that allowed him to re-cohere, because the Continuum could not let anything go, could never relinquish any part of itself, and would on occasion draw from the sleepers to add weight to a decision it wanted from the Collective.

The Continuum would commune with the sleepers, or pretend to, and draw from them the authority to move the Collective in the way that it desired.

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