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Saturday, August 4, 2018

Not in Minnesota - Editorial, The Week in Review

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Not in Minnesota

I have been listening to Tim Pawlenty and other candidates for political office in Minnesota this week, listening to them demagogue, trying to sound like Donald Trump on issues of justice, and immigration.

It is utterly shameful.

I was happy to hear the Mayor of Minneapolis, Jacob Frey, speak out against a Tim Pawlenty campaign mailer that showed the ex-governor appearing with uniformed Minneapolis Police, as if the police were endorsing his candidacy, when by law they are not allowed to so.

I was happy to hear Jacob Frey speak out against that demagogue who is seeking to garner support by dividing Minnesotan’s from one another on issues of immigration. I was pleased to hear the mayor remind that handful of sycophants who opted to appear with Tim Pawlenty and disgrace the uniform they wear, that Minneapolis is a sanctuary city. Minneapolis will remain a sanctuary city no matter who becomes governor, and it will still be their duty to enforce the policies set by the Mayor and the City Council on behalf of all of the people who live here.

We do not need that disgusting and divisive demagogic bullshit in Minnesota.

That appears to be all the morally bankrupt, ideologically barren, intellectually compromised Republican Party has to offer.

The platform they are running on is this:

Cut services for the working class and poor.

Raise the cost of education, but don’t fund it, borrow the money instead, eliminate protections for student borrowers.

Undermine and eliminate the Affordable Care Act, raising insurance premiums and every other cost associated with health care.

Cut taxes and borrow money, make the banks rich while stealing from the people.

Tariff’s, for the sake of Donald Trump’s vanity regardless of its impact on the price of consumer goods, or the ability of Minnesota farmers to sell their goods on the global market.

Divide the citizens and residents of Minnesota from one other, foment hate and violence, because they have nothing else to offer.

Lie everyday about what you are doing, lie to cover up your ignorance, lie to protect your vanity, lie to mask your malevolence.

I have spent my entire life working side by side with immigrants, whether they were here without permits, working without green cards, I do not know, but what I do know is this: they are the best people you could possibly want in your community. Hard working, brave, industrious people. They are here for the hope of a better life for themselves and their children, for their grandchildren.

They do not deserve to be vilified.

They deserve every protection under the law, due process, and the presumption of innocence.

Those fleeing lawless countries, those who are the victims of gang-violence, and political violence, or domestic abuse, and because their native countries are lawless they have no recourse and no protection, they deserve asylum.

The parents and spouses of United States citizens, should never be deported, they should be protected.

We must protect them, we must protect them from the dangerous, and wicked policies of people like Donald Trump and those who want to be elected on the promise that they will be his loyal patsies.

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