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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Six, The Empire; Part Thirty-seven, Bureaucrat; Chapter Two, Desk Jockey

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page per Day
Day 268, Tuesday
September 25th, 2018

Chapter Two: Desk Jockey

He was celebrated by the Empire, and the Collective.  

His daily life was viewed by his adoring fans with fascination.

His comportment was flawless, he fulfilled the expectations of his station with immaculate precision, moving from the lowest order, into a position of authority.

He was beset with challenges, each one a test of his poise and wisdom.

His rise was not free from challenges. He encountered many people who saw him as a threat to their place in the order. His immediate supervisors chaffed, both at his abilities and in the favors he received from the people they reported to.

He could not be promoted without climbing over them, which meant that they could not advance while he worked under their supervision, their own careers would be stagnant.

His supervisors took one of two approaches, they either tried to swamp him with work, sabotage his efforts, or they quickly learned the trick of complicity and promoted him.

He was too aware for their efforts at sabotage to work, and he was tireless, he seemed to be able to learn any task instantly, and then excel at it.

He would not leave his desk until he had it cleared. Sometimes staying in his office for days at a time.

He thought nothing of it.

He had no life to return to, no family, everyone he had ever loved was dead. His apartment was just a place to sleep and eat. He had no connection to anything but his present state.

When he gave in to the Empire, he gave in completely, he held nothing in reserve for himself.

He was their servant.

He would do whatever was asked of him.

He found a kind of peace in that.

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