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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Six, The Empire; Part Thirty-nine, Priest; Chapter Six, Abba

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 286, Saturday
October 13th, 2018

Chapter Six: Abba

His affair with the Sister was illicit, but he loved her, and she him.

When he looked at her he could not tell the difference from the love of his life, a hundred years past, she was her twin, separated only by time.

She never cared a bit for the rules that bound her ancient house. Like most of the ruling families in the priestly caste, she was a nihilist.

He cared only for her.

They had both sworn vows of chastity, vows which she believed were meaningless long before she took them, knew they were not binding when she was seduced by the officiant who presided over her initiation.

Such vows, as far as she was concerned, were for appearances only, and were only meant to govern those on the lower rungs of the social order.

A death sentence could be served for such violations of the rites. As a novice she celebrated such executions with carnal delights, reveling in the slaughter of illicit lovers.  

His willingness to break those vows, and the anguish it caused, captivated his audience in the Collective.

It was out of character, it was unpredictable. There was great risk to both him and her.

They ensured it would continue.

They made him Abba, the head of the most exalted religious order, the most secretive and the most influential, they positioned him as the head of the Imperial temple, answerable only to the Emperor himself.

His followers multiplied.

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