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Monday, October 22, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Six, The Empire; Part Forty-one, Tradition; Chapter One, Story

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 295, Monday
October 22nd, 2018

Chapter One: Story

He became of living exemplar of the faith, a flesh and blood narrative.

The stages of his life symbolized what the faith of every citizen held to be true, what they were led to believe through the teaching of Imperial Cult, and in its way, because of the hope he represented, he also perfectly articulated the fears of the ruling class.

His early life demonstrated how a person and a family could be caste down and caste out. As he transitioned from a plebian, to a rebel, a criminal, and an outcaste, the story of those transitions took on the quality of an epic myth, of the decent that everyone feared might be what is waiting for them and those they loved in the timeless place before rebirth.

Even in his decent he demonstrated qualities of virtue, and integrity, that were supposed to be redemptive. The narrative of his life, which virtually every citizen in the empire was familiar with, was in a constant state of being edited, simplified, and refined.

People on a million worlds followed him, put their hopes in him, believed that he was a child of the God’s, of the Continuum, a divine being sent to live among them, a hero to share their pain, to lead them out of the worlds of suffering and chaos.

He was a demi-god, myths regarding his origins circulated among the people, carefully crafted by the Imperial Cult, for maximum exposure.

His life story became a new vehicle of control and exploitation.

During his long life whole generations had been born, and died adoring him, they set him on a pedestal, in preparation for a mighty fall.

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