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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Seven, War; Part Forty-five, Possession; Chapter Four, Control

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 325, Thursday
November 22nd, 2018

Chapter Four: Control

Every person was beset by the intense pressure that came with the understanding that their future was completely dependent on the now.

The citizen in a position of power or authority, required balance and poise, the more responsibility they had the more heavily they were scrutinized.

Every person’s life was a matter of public record, every step they took outside the home, every word they spoke. At any time they could held accountable for anything…for everything.

The Collective loved to see people and families built up, only to watch them taken down, sometimes over the course of generations, at other time with bewildering speed. The Continuum gave them these dramas, filling the Collective with the vicarious experiences they craved.

The greatest narratives the Continuum had ever constructed resulted in the destruction of entire world’s, the suppression of rebellion that resulted in total genocide.

The more power a person had the more careful they had to be. Billions of lives depended on their thoughtful application of it.

Such was the case with the High Priest. His rebellion had destroyed everything he had ever loved. Then, after his resurrection and his complete submission to Imperial rule, he held posts in which he signed orders that starved quarrelsome population into submission.

He led the Imperial armada on missions that turned entire planets into glowing cinders, sending their raw materials to the central system as an offering to the Collective.

As High Priest he blessed these missions and absolved the commanders of all crime.  

Control requires ever greater control; to force it is to lose it. The exercise of power had to be done submissively.

It was dichotomous.

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