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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Emergence 3.0 - Section Six, The Empire; Part Forty-two, Fear; Chapter Seven, Annihilation

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Day 308, Sunday
November 4th, 2018

Chapter Seven: Annihilation

The teaching of the Imperial schools and most importantly the great religion of the Imperial Cult, its dogma and rituals, all of its spiritual practices, colluded to persuade the people into the complete subjugation of their will.

The spiritual goal as stated was for the individual to rise through every station of life, over the course of trillions of lifetimes, to ultimately be released from the wheel for the return to eternal source of all being.

It was a journey to nothing and nowhere.

Every link in the great chain of being must be connected.

While submission was the constant rule, the promised reward for lifetimes of servitude was the hope that you would be accepted by the Collective, absorbed into the Continuum, made into a Godlike being, given rulership over your own planet with absolute authority and complete security for eternity.

What was promised was antithetical to what was expected in practice. This dichotomy was understood and presented to the faithful as an essential mystery.

Faith and trust were the conditions that must be met in order to advance.

The Continuum examined the conscience of each person to measure their faith, their willingness to be absolved, their readiness for absolution, these conditions must be met, and be met perfectly before the individual could be accepted, and thus exalted.

The individual must be measured against every possible temptation, only then could they be allowed to pass through the veil.

In the practical reality of daily life, it was easy for a person to see failure all around them, they were taught not to judge those above them in rank, but to merely accept the mystery that they were engaged in. Judgement was nearly impossible to avoid, corruption was rampant in the higher castes.

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