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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Time to Vote - The Week in Review

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Time to Vote

The safety of the world depends on your vote.

Our future as a lawful society depends on your vote.

Justice, and peace and fairness depend on your vote come Tuesday.

Vote as if the image of America that was spoon fed to us as children depended on it.

That image of America was never real, that much I know, it was always a mirage. We have never been the guarantor of safety in the world, the rich and the poor, have never experienced equal treatment under, before the bar of the justice, we have been at war with foreign adversaries, and with each other since our inception, in 1776, peace has eluded us, and as for fairness…ask the First People, ask the descendant of a slave.

America was never great, even though from time to time we have done great things collectively and much more often as individuals.

America could be great if we listen to our better angels, go out on Tuesday and vote to rebuke the orange tyrant, the Fake President occupying the oval office, bringing shame and dishonor on us all.

Vote for safety.

Vote for the rule of law.

Vote for justice and peace and fairness for all.

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