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Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Desperately searching for identity, masking
Bland affectations

The need for acceptance
To be perceived as one of the tribe, belonging

Pulling together for egoistic safety
United by fear

We dim the flame that
Sheds a light on difference, inequality

Incongruities, we suffer the scrutiny
Of our peers and by

Sufferance we give-up
Our secrets, our private selves to the common wheel

For the common good, we open our wounds and bleed
Exposing our pains

I kept to my-self
Diffident and distant, rebellious and free

In solitude, I reflected on my movement, watched
It transformation

All our symbols turned
Into icons of fashion, desperately searching

For truth and identity, assimilation
Cool affectation

Tribalism and safety, satisfaction
Blind quiescence

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