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Friday, February 15, 2019

Emergence 3.0 - Section Five (a), Jim; Appendix Part Three, Breeding; Chapter One, Discovery

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Friday, February 15th, 2019

Chapter One: Discovery

Jim abducted people, he experimented on living tissues. He dissected cadavers he sent genetic materials back to the replicants of himself he had spread throughout the Empire, on a journey of thousands of light years.

Jim discovered something in the human race that affected the consciousness of its entire population, nanoparticles of the heavy metal, magnetite, collecting in the cerebellum, interacting in a unique way with Earth’s magnetic field, which allowed for the possibility of cynergy.

This dynamic established the conditions for Earth’s nous-sphere.

He found the abnormalities in himself first, after recognizing something unusual in the cognitive functions of his host body. He was hyper alert to the feelings and thoughts of the human beings he lived among

He tested the limits of his empathic powers, and he found at the upper end of its natural ability that he could cross the threshold into true telepathy.

It was an outstanding and surprising revelation.

He isolated the physical components of the telepathic abilities in himself first. Then he found the same components distributed in various degrees throughout the bodies of Earth’s human population.  

He developed programs to augment it.

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