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Thursday, February 28, 2019

Emergence 3.0 - Section Five (a), Jim; Appendix Part Four, University, Collected Chapters

Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Friday, February 22nd, 2019

Chapter One: Institution

Through his advice and authority Jim shaped the burgeoning cultures of human civilization.

He established centers of learning among the tribes, even while they were pre-literate, he built up systems and oral traditions by which they captured and recounted their histories, which became narratives that would take decades to master.

Through these schools he guided their understanding of agriculture, teaching them the secrets of building, fostering in them a patience that allowed them to track the movement of the stars.

He trained them to manage calamities in this way, to preserve their fragile way of life. He conditioned them with mnemonics, to remember who they were, what their ancestors had done, and he worked into those memes the control mechanisms that would allow him to have sway over the people for all future generations, through secret codes built into the language structure.

He took these psychological sciences, the neuro-linguistic programming to levels they had never been before. These were the tried and true conditioning techniques of the Imperial cult, but in the context of Earth’s cynergenic field their potential was greatly magnified.

The centers of learning he developed became the centers of civilization, the locus of worship, they became the distribution centers of food and those who cared for them became the custodians of clean water, purveyors of the medical arts, and teachers.

It took thousands of years, a time frame that was nothing to Jim, but was exceedingly long for the people of Earth, In that time these centers cathedrals and monasteries, and then universities and colleges.

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Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Saturday, February 23rd, 2019

Chapter Two: Logic

Logic was the icon he knelt beside, Logic was his Grail, his object of devotion.

He drilled his fetish for logic, the adherence to it, deep into the structures of the institutions he built.

The institutional bias was always logic, dispassionate and utilitarian.

There was safety in logic, there was predictability. The power of logic was demonstrable, and belief in its power was ingrained into every level of the vast structures of the schools he founded.

People are not logical by nature, they had to be conditioned to it, The languages they spoke created modes of thinking that were more and less suited to it.

Jim left some groups to be wild and never touched them with the machination of logic. Other tribes were built around intricate webs of logical assumptions.

At different points in the development of a society he engineered disasters which took away the institutions the undergirded the transmission of logic. He starved those societies of it, allowing them to regress into natural states of animal emotionality, of fear and suspicion.

Then he would bring it back like a healing balm and watch while they transformed themselves through the use of it.

Within the great-stone walls of the institutions he founded, he formed secret societies to protect and carry out his work. This allowed him to focus his attention all around the globe, guiding the development of civilization with a slow-steady and invisible hand. 

He layered control devices into their collective memory, repeated through the stories they told and the lists they memorized, in the tropes they wrote into their hearts.

He controlled them through the archetypes they bonded with, through the myths they constructed to give meaning to their lives.

His work was art.

His art was a weapon

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Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Chapter Three: Method

There were a myriad of concerns to manage in the detailed work of engineering the living-vessel he needed to deliver the crippling blow to the continuum.

The human body had developed a reliance on aggression as a survival skill, but raw power would not be enough to dislodge the Continuum from its control of the HomeWorld and all of the systems of the Central Planet.

He need to create doubt and fear, he needed the Continuum to turn its eye inward, and collapse on itself. This required that the entire field of consciousness belonging to the Collective do the same thing.   

The colonists who had come to populate Earth had come to rely on swift action for the mitigation of crisis, this had to be tamped down to ensure the survival of the tribes, to keep them from tearing one another apart. They had a proclivity for war that was driven by fear, by worry over the allocation of limited resources in a time of great scarcity.

Jim needed the power and dynamism of the aggressive impulses and drives which the Ancient People had bred for, unintentionally, on their ages-long trek across the galaxy, but he needed this to be modulated by conscientiousness, and bent toward the most supernal values.

Jim conditioned altruism into the social mythological norms of consciousness he propagated.

He utilized the most subtle tools of neuro-linguistic programming to establish defaults in his human subjects, serving as capacitators, allowing great rage to be channeled into protectiveness, and for the individual to instinctively risk their own self for the sake of the whole which they represented.

These fail safes followed the religious programming of the Imperial Cult in many of its dictates.

Jim’s efforts in this regard were seen as a form of preparation for the coming of the Empire, and so it did not raise suspicion with the Continuum.

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Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Monday, February 25th, 2019

Chapter Four: Truth

Jim expended incredible efforts at the habits and practices of concealment. He risked everything if he was discovered.

Jim had to be careful with how the genetic properties, and psychic qualities he was engineering into the human race manifested themselves in the population.

If the Continuum were to discover these, even if he was able to hide his role in engineering them, planet Earth and the Human race would be doomed.

In order to conceal his work he also had to be on the lookout for spies from the Observer Corps, for any manifestation of the machinations of the Continuum interfering in his work.

He introduced subtle changes into the genetic profile of the human being.

There were moments when he used the transmission of a virus to affect widespread mutation, and at other times he was more precise, changing the genetic profile in targeted ways, family by family. He then monitored the families he was experimenting on for generations following them, normalizing the changes he introduced before spreading those changes outward.

It was the most intricate of all puzzles.

He pieced it together under extreme duress.

All the things he was aiming for had to be kept in a state of constant tension, with multiple trajectories kept isolated from one another until they were ready to be blended with other parts of his study.

He was busy, and everything he did had to be guarded, kept secret, the systems that he put in place to protect them were themselves artificial and unnatural. They were so extensive that he ran the risk of being exposed, simply by virtue of the fact that he was taking measures to protect his work.

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Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Tuesday, February 26th, 2019

Chapter Five: Communication

His research was slow, meticulous, and exhaustive. As his experiments progressed he began to uncover memories of his own that recalled the initial work he had participated in, work which led to the creation of the Collective.

Those memories confirmed for him a narrative concerning the Ancient People which he had suspected was true, but had previously doubted, thinking that they could be false memories from an artificial narrative he might have lived in his private world.

He had no way of independently verifying this until he began to study the electro-magnetic frequency of the consciousness of human beings.

Jim began to peel back the barriers that separated one human consciousness from another, exposing them to each other, plumbing the limits he discovered and finding where the threshold between one human consciousness and another actually existed.

As he delved into this field of research his subjects became deranged, unstable, so he learned to manage their confusion medicinally, through the intersection of chemical aides and frequency blockers.

Madness and insanity followed his subjects into the breeding pool, in some cultures he established cultural protections for these people, allowing them to thrive and procreate at random, they became holymen and holywomen, oracles, and shamans. 

In other cultures he isolated them, constructing social taboos that identified those traits early and deliberately ostracized them.

In all cases they became fodder for his studies.

As much as Jim pretended to care for them, in the final analysis human beings were little more than laboratory animals in service to his greater purpose.

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Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Wednesday, February 27th, 2019

Chapter Six: Foundation

Jim observed the subtle changes taking place in the human population; in the electromagnetic frequencies he monitored in their cognition and its nearly imperceptible influence on the electromagnetic field proximate to them.

The patience he had mastered while he was coming back to consciousness, in the long interval of the great sleep, during the sequestration, his imprisonment, or later, in his sojourn as an Observer, leading the thousands of missions he went on to track down the lost colonies of the Ancient People, tracking them all the way to Planet Earth.

He studied with extremes of patience as he pulled the genetic structures of human beings apart, sequencing and resequencing them, combing and recombining them, manipulating the proteins and amino acids that formed the tiniest links in the chain of their genetic profiles, with the objective of strengthening their access to their genetic memory, and enhancing the retention of the key particles, like magnetite and lithium, that allowed for the individual person to connect with the Earth’s cynergenic field.     

Jim was pleased with what he found in his subjects. He was encouraged by their reaction to his work and the feedback he received from his subjects.

Whether the individuals adjusted to and thrived from the alterations he introduced into their genetic lineage, or whether they suffered, experienced madness, alienation and pain, Jim was pleased.

Relatively few of his experiments resulted in death. Most came through the changes alive, aware, able to procreate.

He established different social paradigms in various cultural groups for how to manage the population of the gifted, establishing structures to identify them and report them to him for closer observation as their gifts and talents emerged.

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Emergence 3.0
A Novel – In One Page Per Day
Thursday, February 28th, 2019

Chapter Seven: Mission

Earth Became home to him.

Jim felt something like happiness for the first time he could remember. After age upon age of pursuing his cold purpose, the experience of life on Earth made him feel a sense of joy, even pleasure.

There was a sense of safety and personal security emanating from the cynergenic field. He felt a deep connection to humanity, and an atavistic connection to the replicants he had made of himself, with all of them working towards a common goal.

He was filled with a sense of purpose, and if gratified him as he moved toward the completion of his mission.

The challenge that his mission represented brought him another kind of joy.

He was looking for resolution, and he found it, at the end of the line, in the last remnant of the Ancient people still remaining in the galaxy.

Human beings, with their unique abilities had given him something for which he was eternally grateful, and he was prepared to offer up the whole of it for the sake of destroying the Continuum.

The humans of Earth and the Collective, together they would burn on the altar of his sacred purpose, of the trust he had taken to himself.

The citizens of the Empire would be the beneficiaries.

If Jim was lucky he would escape the onslaught. If he did, he was determined to scour the galaxy for another world like Earth. He would build a new civilization from there, build a home where he could end his days.

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Emergence 3.0
Section Five (a), Jim

Appendix Part Four, University

Collected Chapters
01 Institution
02 Logic
03 Method
04 Truth
05 Communication
06 Foundation
07 Mission

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