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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Presidential Politics – Editorial, The Week in Review

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Presidential Politics – Democratic Primaries

I have not come out to support a specific candidate in the democratic primaries, not yet.

The field is not even set.

I have said a few things about who I do not want to run: Hillary, Joe Biden, John Kerry, Al Gore, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, but if they do, and Elizabeth Warren is; if they decide to run and they capture the momentum, then I am all in.

I have also said in one or two forums that I want to see Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio on the ticket, President or Vice President, it does not matter which, I have followed his career for the last few cycles and he has the stuff I like, down to earth and real.

What I do not want to see is a big ol’ field of people “running for president” who know in their heart that they cannot win the nomination, like my own Senator Amy Klobuchar.

If Amy doesn’t know she has no chance of winning the nomination, then she should actually resin her seat in the Senate as well, because we do not need someone that out of touch with reality serving the state of Minnesota.

Maybe that was a mean jab, but seriously, I have voted for her three times, even though she is completely un-inspiring and is about the worst campaigner I have ever seen, boring as all get up.

I have watched her development as a potential candidate over the past few years, and listened to the pundits repeatedly put her name in the ring as a possible presidential candidate, but really, they were doing her a disservice, they see her as another, Hubert Humphrey type, or Walter Mondale, a solid Midwesterner with common sense, a counterweight to balance out a more progressive leader, a moderate, a consensus builder, a person with bi-partisan appeal.

All of those things are true of her. There are some less flattering things that could be said of her as well.

But in no way has she ever, even for a moment demonstrated the level of charisma needed to carry the ticket. She has to know this, if she doesn’t then she is…deluded.

Amy, and the rest of the pretenders should stay home.

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