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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Self Destruction - Editorial, The Week in Review

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Self Destruction

My Democratic Party is at it again, spontaneous combustion.

Ilhan Omar, is proving herself to be a tactless, selfish, glory-seeking, hyperbolic, egomaniacs.

She need to step back, recover a little poise.

I voted for Ilhan Omar. She hasn’t lost my support…not yet.

 I do not disagree with her in regards to her critique of the policies of the Israeli government, the Netanyahu Government, the Likud Party, they are terrible, but she has to find a better to voice that criticism, and she is na├»ve in the extreme if she thinks she is doing anybody any good by blurting out her invective just as it pops into her head.

There is a lot of history here and she needs to learn it.

Ilhan Omar is not me.

She is not writing a blog that a dozen people might take the time to read.

She is my representative, a United States Congresswoman, and I would like her to succeed. I want her to stay on the job for a while. To do that she is going to have to learn to be circumspect.

This is politics.

I am sympathetic to her complaints about the kind of criticism people face when they publicly challenge the atrocities the government of Israel commits, is committing, against the Palestinians. The rebuke comes swiftly and from a lot of different directions.

It can be daunting. It is often knee jerk, reactionary and fear based.

The fears are real. The holocaust happened. Six million or more people of Jewish descent were murdered by the Nazi’s just for being of Jewish descent. There are many holocaust survivors still with us, and many many more who remember the stories of their grandparents and parents who survived, the stories of all of their cousins, their aunts and uncles, their brothers and sisters who didn’t.

We cannot forget that or allow it to happen again, not to anyone, and that includes the Palestinians, millions of who live under a brutal apartheid regime.  

Ilhan Omar should focus on that. She should stop crying about the mean treatment she receives, when she raises controversial issues.  

She should focus on the rights of the Palestinian people. Focus on the criminal behavior of the Israeli Defense Forces, their clear and obvious violations of human rights. Speak to the principle of human rights. She should get her opponents to agree that basic standards need to be upheld. Only if she can get them to agree to that, will it be possible for her to hold them to account, even then it will be difficult.

If she is supporting the Palestinian people, and not railing against “the Jews,” she cannot be held liable to a charge of anti-semitism.

Remember this, the Palestinians are a Semitic people. Take that card away from them.

Read a little more history. Read T.E. Lawrence. Listen a little more. Stop being defensive.

Stop self-destructing.

You have a voice. Use it wisely.

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