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Saturday, May 11, 2019

Off the Rails - Editorial, The Week in Review

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Off the Rails

Donald Trump is openly talking about using the Justice Department to investigate his political opponents, namely Joe Biden, and there appears to be no resistance coming from his Attorney General, William Barr.

Rudy Giuliai was preparing to travel to Ukraine to place pressure on that government to reveal the details of a closed investigation into Joe Biden’s son. He said that he wanted to know what role Joe Biden played as Vice President of the United States, in quashing an investigating and removing a corrupt prosecutor from a case involving a Ukrainian oil firm which Biden’s son had a connection to. Never mind the fact that Great Britain, Canada, and multiple other countries were all working in tandem with the United States to oust the Ukrainian prosecutor on grounds of corruption. Never mind the fact that a multi-national effort to remove that prosecutor and close that investigation succeeded on the merits.

Donald Trump and his administration are in open defiance of the law, refusing to submit to congressional oversight, refusing to respond to congressional subpoenas. They are operating a criminal regime, and they must be stopped.

It was revealed this week exactly how terrible of a businessman Donald Trump is. A look at his losses over a ten year period revealed that he lost more money than any person in the history of the United States. It is absolute madness that anyone takes him seriously.

This government is off the rails.

If Donald Trump and his croonies get their way the Republic will be finished. There will be no checks and balances in government, we will be ruled by an autocrat and our democracy will be in a shambles.

He laughed at a rally this week when one of his supporters suggested that we should just shoot undocumented immigrants on sight…no hearings, no due process.

The most failing entrepreneur in the history of the world is holding the reigns of executive power, and he is driving us over a cliff.

Stay united people, get rid of him.

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