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Tuesday, July 2, 2019


My heart ruptures, bursting-red, every time I think of you, I am spent

Running away for the insular life, to grow like a crystal in the dark

We cannot escape time, the memory of friends we ran with

We were like baby turtles cracking through our shells, crawling to the sea

Broken and helpless in a world of predation, we did not enough to be terrified
We leapt with madness through the wild garden, driven by the biting wind

Trussed up by lust, like sacrificial offerings sent to the gods, cut open and

Rising on a column of smoke, chased by nightmares, we ran from the sun  

We ran through a maze, climbed over walls of thorns, lacerating us as we went

Tearing at our flesh, we tore each other apart, envious and confused

Every sharp finger indicting our ambition, each dream turned to ash and dust

            We ran from ourselves and found nothing in the end

            We were children of the seventies, Generation X

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