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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Self Awareness

The way in is the way out, you must go through at the gate
Sensei said

We ate the fruit of the tree of  knowledge
We consumed a principle of justice, the understanding of good and evil
We became self-aware and cognizant of our failings

We became writers of laws

We wasted the world in selfish-conflict, greed
We became aware, and became aware of ourselves, of our lies
We were mired in the taxonomy of differentiation

We became arbiters of the law

We saw the other as our enemy, making them into effigies
We regarded ourselves with loathing, the cancer of dissatisfaction
We engaged in violent reprisals

We became instruments of the law

We went to the dance with Ego and Id
We were like Caine and Able, the herdsman and the farmer
We were urban and pagan, nomad and builder

The law blinded us to the demands of justice, we were its fools

Facing mirrors that pass through the universe
Gathering new images on the way—endlessly reflexive
The infinite seen as finite
The analogue of consciousness, coded with the cell
Carrying the sensed bits of eternity[1]

[1] Herbert, Frank, Chapter House Dune, 1985

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