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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Brand It! - Editorial, The Week in Review

Analysis, Commentary, Opinion

Brand It!

Let’s make it stick to the Fake president like an iron-on!

We call him dumb Donny, we call him distracted Don, the Fake President.

Let’s say it again.

We call him dumb Donny, we call him distracted Don. Dump Trump.

The man is a menace, chief among narcissists. Do not try to engage him with reason, he has no regard for truth, no faculty for logic, no desire to learn.

He does not care, and no-one will be able to make him care.

We call him Fake President. Donald Trump is the Fake President. Make it stick to him like an indelible Tattoo.

Dumb Donny, distracted Don, Donald the dunce, make alliterative, burn it on.

Let’s not pretend that there are any points to earn in going up against the orange tyrant on the debate stage, any candidate who pretends that they will be able to handle him in that forum is a being foolish, demonstrating that they have failed to grasp the most fundamental thing about Donald Trump’s character. He does not care about his ignorance, he is unashamed, it does not matter to him,

Donald the dunce will drive us over the cliff look back as we are falling and tell us the plane will be landing shortly.

Little lying Donny is just that clever, but cleverness is no substitute for character.

Fat shame him, his epic waddle deserves its own zip code, I heard he has a name for his precious appendage, its Wally the Waddle, that what we call it, Wally the Waddle hanging from his chin.

Call out his comb over, there is a story in it, Little Lying Donald and the Electroplated-Fleece.

Dump Trump, dump him, Dump the Dunce, Dump Trump. Put the Brand on it, attack him the way he would go after you, not with reason, not with logic, not with facts, just a few syllables at a time.

Dumb Donald, the bankrupt one.

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