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Saturday, October 12, 2019

Political Courage - Editorial, The Week in Review

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Political Courage

Finally we have witnessed some political courage.

Former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch testified in front of the House Intelligence Committee against the orders of the State Department, and the wishes of Donald Trump.

Ambassador Yavanovitch is still employed by the State Department, but in her wisdom she chose to acknowledge the authority of a House subpoena and testify, choosing to ignore the illegal demand from the Secretary of State that she defy the Constitutional privilege of the Congress to exercise oversight on the executive branch.

It just took a little bit of political courage, some honesty, and some common sense.

There are other State Department Employees and Foreign Services Officers who have said they will follow this example, together they will peel the lid back on this corrupt administration and expose their criminal machinations for the bribery and extortion rackets, T-Rump and his cronies have turned our foreign policy into.

Every other member of this administration who love America, who believes in democracy, who respects the Constitution and cares about the oath they swore to protect it must follow suit.

Turn over the documents that have been subpoenaed by congress, show up and testify if you have been called. Forget about the phony claims of executive privilege and so-called “blanket immunity” that have been asserted, those claims and assertions are all outside the law.

Be a hero, stand-up, perform the duties of your office; do it for the sake of America, forget about you allegiance to the orange menace who occupies the oval office; remember, he has no allegiance to you, to this country, or the rule of law.

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