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Saturday, November 9, 2019

Bribery - Editorial, The Week in Review

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Let’s just call it bribery, bribery and extortion.

I am with all of the other analysts and pundits who are calling for the talking heads to stop using the latin; quid pro quo. The exchange of things is not a crime, though it may be an element of a crime, if the crime is bribery, or extortion.

Let’s just call it bribery. Donald Trump himself, and indirectly through his agents, solicited a bribe from a foreign power, the nation of Ukraine, asking for an investigation into his political opponents, one based on unfounded rumors, misconstrued facts, and baseless conspiracy theories.

It does not end there.

He also demanded an investigation into the election interference that took place in 2016, as well the so-called missing e-mails belonging to Hillary Clinton. Unsatisfied with the conclusions of the FBI, the Department of Justice, and his own intelligence chief, he sought a new investigation that would cast a shadow on his rivals, and exonerate Vladimir Putin and the Russian government for their assault on our democracy.

Donald Trump is fond of calling the Press the enemy of the people, all the while he himself is playing the part of the traitor.

The orange menace has no intention of fulfilling his oath of office, he only wants to advance his own pathetic ambitions.

Donald Trump does not know how to separate the truth from all of his lies. He is mentally ill, before he became president of the United States he was just another television clown, now he is clowning around in the oval office, and putting the republic in danger.

The impeachment must go forward. The Senate must act to remove him. Every day he is in office he is threat to the world, an existential threat.

Let’s call his crime bribery, it was a shake down, it was extortion.

His crimes were the shortsighted schemes of a petty crook and a fraud, and that is all Donald Trump has ever been.

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