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Saturday, March 14, 2020

State of Emergency - Editorial, The Week in Review

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State of Emergency

I hope that in the days ahead people will settle down into their normal routine; none of our helped by panic shopping and hoarding.

This includes the panic shoppers and hoarders.

When we place the extra burden on the supply chain by stocking up, not for the days and weeks ahead but for months and months, we run the risk of putting everything out of balance. If everyone did as the panic shoppers are doing all of the stores would be empty everywhere, and no one would have the right supply of all the things they need in the normal course of their lives.

Following the advice of the CDC, means living your life with a relative degree of normality. We may not be going to events with large groups of people, we may be telecommuting if the work we do allows for it, but we can still go to the store.

We should practice good hygiene and “social-distancing.”

All of us should stop talking about COVID-19 like we know what it is, where it came from, how it spreads, or what the danger is.

Drop the conspiracy theories, and let the scientists speak.

Please stop listening to Donald Trump, any politician, pundit, or infotainment host who deviates from what the science is telling us.

Just stop listening to them and stop repeating the ridiculous things they are saying.

Everything will get sorted out, what COVID-19 is, how we can stop it, and what policy failures led us to the place that we are will all become clear in hindsight.  

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