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Tuesday, March 2, 2021


You have heard it said that you are where you have been; you are, this is true


You are, and you are what you eat: gram by gram, ounce by ounce, pound by pound


Amino acids, proteins housing memories, engram by engram



Wraiths rush past me, reflections in the dirty-glass, reaching out for me


The rainfall pools, collected in the dirty-street, ghosts jump in the light



Places I have been, the trajectory of fate—weaving memories


Warped purpose, threads patterns on the loom, spindle fibers and neurons


Electrons repeat on the skein, loop in their circuit, strange and funny


Projections of the self, shuttled forward and backward, upside down through time



Lowly little worms emerging from the cocoon, butterflies with horns


Chrysalis in the milk-weed, monarchs in the street dressed in silk, burnt orange



Soft winds returning, lilac scents my garden, warm rains after winter








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