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Collected Essays

The Following List Contains Links to my Collected Essays, Newest to Oldest

We Are One

We are All in One Reality



Freedom and Power

The Question that Matters

The Power of Words

The Nature of Reality and the Purpose of Existence

The Mirror of Truth

The Illusion of Individual Reality

The Fallacy of Illusion

The Execution of Judgement and Critical Analytical Thinking

The Body, its Emotions; The Mind and its Direction

Tension, Adversity and Courage

Success and Diligence


Progress, Time and Place

Causation and Mindfulness

A Part of the Whole

Faith Seeking Understanding

Contra Dissonanta

Discipline and Strategy

Contra Relativism et Futility


Medea, In Her Role as a Hero - Collected Parts

God, Atheism and the Problem of Evil - Collected Parts

On the Freedom to Marry - Collected Parts

On Zen Buddhism - Collected Parts

The Death Penalty (Collected Parts)

On Syncretism And the Synthetic Church - Collected Parts

A Bleak History of Christian Mission - Collected Parts

On Writing - Collected Parts

Inspiration and Futility, Alternating Between the Poles (Collected Parts)

The Infinite, I and I, We are One

The Division of Labor in the Ancient World, The Rise of Agrarianism and the Onset of Slavery

On Jesus and Mithra, part Seven and Conclusion (Pages 15 - 19)

On Jesus and Mithra, Part Six (Pages 13 - 15)

On Jesus and Mithra, Part Five (Pages 11 - 13)

On Jesus and Mithra, Part Four (Pages 8 -11)

On Jesus and Mithra, Part Three (Pages 6 - 8)

On Jesus and Mithra, Part Two (Pages 3 - 5)

On Jesus and Mithra, Part 1 (Pages 1 - 3)

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