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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Abandoned and all alone
Wracked by pain, and wickedness
Abysmal and devouring

The am hungry for deceit
The consummation of nothingness
The enticement of illusion

Clutching at desire
A hollow feast for the starving spirit
Falling with the fallen  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Broken Hearted

The failure of beauty
Gaze at the jagged surface
The faded mirror

Pale as death, ruined
Capture the ragged image
In the mirrored shard

The broken heart flows
Seeping over silvered glass
Clotting in shadows

I will not cry out
I will not abandon hope
Cling to broken flesh

There is no exit
My dreams, they will devour me
Love’s dedication

Pierced in the deep gloom
Rising with gleeful spirits
The ghosts I sleep with

The starless abyss
The futility of love
I will not shun it

Loving honors me
The gift of noble purpose
It is not commerce

Desperate to be touched
The embrace of hope and peace
The sun’s countenance