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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Lost II

Words slip through her lips
Whispers, fragile promises
Breaking as they fall

Cooing in my ear
Her subtle tongue, honey sweet
Promises of love

Speaking to the heart
Luscious as her open mouth
Like ripening fruit

Lost in her perfume
Her relentless beauty, hot
Expectant, dripping

The resonate chord
Strikes the heart as the light dims
Blinded by her star

Tuesday, April 14, 2020


I thought I had caught fire when I saw her
Burnt up in an instant, consumed by desire
A hollowed husk, cracked and desiccated

I had nothing to give her, nothing that she wanted
Ignited by the friction, of my pounding heart
Rendered like the fattened bull, rising to the ether

Wilted flowers lay down in the field, drained of color
Cast off by Persephone, just another poor creation
Brittle petals, like the dragon-fly’s wing, disintegrate

The cinders of love, reduced to ash and embers
Like any of us, dancing blindly with the fates
Deaf to the song of the spirit, dumb and disturbed

Tuesday, October 1, 2019


Singing in the wind
Bare on the face of the Earth
Without artifice

Stretched, thin as a wire
I am a linear being
A falling arrow

Aimless as a child
Misdirected by desire
And unclear purpose

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Tiresias in the Cave

My vision is gone, I am vacant and listless
Groping for meaning

A lie in the dark, this life is moribund is cold
I did not seek it

A false certainty, piercing the veil of confusion
Fall into shadow

Catatonia, sleeping once again, lids closed
Dancing with faeries

In a ring of mushrooms, their soft spongy bed
In the wet loamy earth

My heart winding down the beat slows with each measure
Alive and dying

Sink beneath the earth in my soaked and bloated flesh
A shroud for my bones

My marrow, feeds the flowers to Hecate is singing
A lullaby
The meadow is on fire and Persephone is laughing
She slips into the way

The hot blood returns with the demon, my blind genius
Boiled in tears

I am flush for life, for the embrace of the world
And lusting for it

With a mouth full of ashes, spite and bitumen

Tuesday, August 29, 2017


An articulation of sorrow
An expression in pain, I cannot
Shut my eyes for the memories
Memories of love, possession

She promised me everything I wanted
Every breathe she took, was stolen from me
My fingers brushed her lips in the morning
As silence fell like a shroud for the dead

The words she gave me were sweet, loving
Her eyes lit like sapphires in the evening
Taking blind, unwary fools to bed, like me
I drowned in those pools, reaching for the light  

The breathless hurt of a bursting heart
A vice-grip of disdain and choked desire
Echoes of loss resound in the dark
As shadows dance against the wall

In a parade of fools

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


I am confounded
Deceived and ignorant
Lying to the world

I am a blind man
Sightless old Polyphemus
My head in the clouds

Adrift in the mist
Watch sunlight diffusing
Lighting my day dreams

I hide from myself
The subject of scrutiny
A joke of the fates

Fountains of laughter
Falling alone in the World
Darkness descending

The drum percussing
Without care for consequence
Surfing waves of doom

Ancestral spirits
Hunger for bodies, breath, blood
Insatiable ghosts

The heat of the Earth
Hot winds bathing me, burning
Slowly in the fire

Breach the molten heart
Breaking through on golden wings

The wings of desire

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Heart, soul, and mind
These capacities escape me
Unquenched, unfulfilled

My loss of vision
The pursuit of knowledge, self
Unresolved, undone

Mystical and blind
Reason, profitless quest

I am alone, the
Center of a universe
That I cannot share

Philosophies speak
I may as well be nothing

Dreaming and waking