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Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Boot Camp

I have been patient
And now I want to break loose
It is time for leave

But there is work, yet
To be done before the end
There is no rest here

Duties fill my mind
My hands from scrubbing
There is no laughter

There is little joy
Marching under the hot sun.
Day by day by day

Our spirits are stained
We neither wilt nor blossom
Work under pressure

No play-time no fun
Up the hill like Sisyphus  
Dread the daily run

Tuesday, April 30, 2019


A forgotten life, love, a future of discarded possibilities

The shoot rises, the blossom opens, a fecund feast

For the society of bees, the buzzing congregation

Unfurling, petals drop from the bare stalk, soft pastels

Blushing and bruised on the concrete walk, withering

In the sun, seeds falling to the ground, each one a

Lost potential

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


Earth is your garden
Goddess, light of heaven burning
Bright, in your service

We flower in you
Goddess, queen of the cosmos
Formed in your bounty

The wind is your praise          
Goddess, of the starry field
You spin the world, fate

Cleanse the poison air
Goddess, free us from our doom       
Swoon, our toxic prayers

The malignant Earth
Goddess, heal these damaged bones
Lift the thick night, blind

Awash in your tears
Goddess, blossom and rejoice
Along the greening road

Running hot and free
Goddess, pour your waters out
Life, the clear current

Mistress of the Norn
Redeemer, gentle Goddess

Pure as morning dew